“Agroecology is a coherent concept for designing future farming systems as it is strongly rooted both in science and in practice, and because it shows strong connections with the principles of the right to adequate food.”

Olivier De Schutter

I principi dell’agroecologia

Definire il suo significato e la sua messa in pratica

The Principles of Agroecology

Towards just, resilient and sustainable food systems

Los Principios de la Agroecologia

Hacia sistemas alimentarios justos, resilientes y sostenibles

Die Prinzipien der Agrarökologie

Für gerechte, widerstandsfähige und nachhaltige Ernährungssysteme

De Principes van Agro-ecologie

Naar rechtvaardige, veerkrachtige en duurzame voedselsystemen

Les principes de l’agroécologie

Vers des systèmes alimentaires socialement équitables, résilients et durables

Os Princípios da Agroecologia

Rumo a sistemas alimentares justos, resilientes e sustentáveis

“Rather than defining agroecology as a prescriptive list of practices that may or may not be well suited to any given setting, it is important to describe it as a process and a set of principles to move towards sustainable agriculture.”

Brym & Reeve

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